Take Control of Your Video Conferencing Rooms

Organizations are looking to expand access to their knowledge resources in new and innovative ways with distance learning and large video conferencing rooms. The Avizia Educator is revolutionizing the experience in these rooms by making it easier to control, setup, and support them than ever before.

Bring Your Own Device Control of the Room: Users can use their own mobile device to control the room and move around freely. The Educator app is a free download and multiple apps can be connected to the same room at the same time for shared control.

Intuitive Interface to Control All Devices: Now controlling the experience is as easy as it should be. Using touch features like drag and drop, users can control all of the devices in the room like displays, video conferencing, and document cameras.

Flexible Enough for Virtually Any Room: Built with compatibility in mind the Educator is flexible enough to control virtually any room. That means the same intuitive interface for users across the entire organization.

Setup in Minutes: The setup and maintenance wizard makes it easy to get a room configured and working in minutes.

The Educator app is available on iOS for iPads. Click here to download it for free.

Take control of your video conferencing rooms with the Educator


Product Specifications

  • Specification
  • Components
    • Educator iPad app (free download from Apple App Store)
    • Educator Controller (see figure 1 for picture)
    • Cisco C90 codec
    • Cisco 12x camera(s)
    • Device control cables (optional)
    * iPad(s) provided by user
  • Product compatibility
    • Compatible with Cisco C90 codecs running TC 6.2
    • iPad app compatible with iOS5.1 or later on iPad and iPad mini
    • Projectors, TV's, and document cameras are controllable (currently through RS232 only). Click here to see the list of devices and models that are currently controllable.
    • Projector screens with latching or pulse control
  • Physical dimensions (HxWxD)
    • Inches: 3½ x 17¼ x 11¼
    • Centimeters: 8.9 x 43.8 x 28.6
    • Rack unit height: 2
  • Weight
    7¼ lbs
  • Power
    100-240V/1A 47-63Hz
  • Temperature range
    • Operating: 41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C)
    • Relative humidity: 10 to 95% (noncondensing)
  • System control (see figure 2 for overview)
    iPad based control
  • Educator Controller outputs (see figure 3 for picture)
    • Six serial / RS232 connectors
    • Six IR connectors for discrete IR control (IR control coming soon)
    • Four relay connectors
    • One 5-pin GPIO connector
    • One serial port dedicated for communications with codec
  • Educator Controller inputs (see figure 3 for picture)
    • One 10/100 LAN port
    • One configuration port
  • Video outputs
    With Cisco C90 codec
    • Four HD outputs
  • Video inputs
    With Cisco C90 codec
    • Five HD inputs
  • Concurrent app connections
    Up to three iPads can be connected to the same Educator Controller at the same time for shared control
  • Network requirements
    • Wireless network connectivity for iPad
    • Routable IP traffic from wireless network to wired network for Educator Controller
    • Routable IP traffic between Educator Controller and Cisco codec (optional but provides user experience benefits)
  • Regulatory compliance
    • UL60950-1/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
    • FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class B Limits
    • RoHS compliant
  • Included in Educator Controller box
    • One Educator Controller
    • One serial cable for communication with the codec
    • One power cable
    • One Ethernet cable
    • Two rack ears for mounting in a rack
    • Four rubber feet
    • One installation sheet
  • Global availability
    • US
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    * More countries coming soon


Figure 1: Educator Controller

Educator Controller


Figure 2: Interface overview

Educator interface overview


Figure 3: Educator backpanel

Educator backpanel


Ordering Information

  • SKU
  • Bundle
  • AVZ-EDU-C90-12X
    • Educator Controller
    • Cisco C90 codec
    • One Cisco 12x 1080p camera
    • Two microphones
  • Software options
    Cisco C90 multi-site option (make multiple calls from the same codec)
    Cisco C90 Premium Resolution option (send 1080p video during a video call)
  • Hardware options
    Cable kit
    • Two 30 meter serial control cables
    • Two 15 meter serial control cables
    • Four 20 meter IR control cables
    • One 20 meter RJ12 to RJ45 camera control cable for daisy chain setup (i.e., if multiple cameras are being used)
    • One 20 meter DB9 to RJ45 camera control cable for control of main camera connected directly to codec
    • One 2 meter Stereo RCA to Stereo RCA audio cable
    • One 2 meter Setreo RCA to Stereo 3.5mm audio cable
    • Four 4-Pin MiniPhoenix connectors for terminating relay cables
    • One Cisco 12x 1080p camera
    • Power supply and associated cable
    • One 5 meter HDMI cable
    • One HDMI to DVI-D adapter
    • One 5 meter DB9 to RJ45 camera control cable for control of main camera connected directly to codec
    • One 6.4 meter RJ12 to RJ45 camera control cable for daisy chain setup
  • Standalone
    Educator Controller